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Privacy Policy

At Pracharbazaar Backlinks, we work hard to create cutting-edge services that will benefit our customers more. We understand that protecting your privacy is a crucial concern, thus we have built and run our services with this in mind. This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes our practises for gathering, using, and disclosing personally identifiable information from you and other Pracharbazaar Backlinks service users that we may obtain through our software, mobile applications, and website at (the “Website”). In this privacy statement, the term “Service” refers to the combination of such service, the software, mobile applications, and the Website. Only the data you give us via the Service is covered by this privacy policy.


The website will be updated whenever Pracharbazaar Backlinks feels the need to make major changes, and we will provide you advance notice by putting the revised Privacy Policy there. We advise you to constantly check this Privacy Policy for updates. Your continued use of the Service will be governed by the privacy policy in effect at that time.

Information We gather non-personally identifying data. Every time you visit a website, Pracharbazaar Backlinks gathers non-personally identifying data that your browser makes available. Your Internet connection and hardware specifications, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your search, one or more cookies that could be used to uniquely identify your browser, and other information are all included in this list.Personally Identifiable Information. In addition we collect your personal information such as your full name, credit card information, billing address, your email address, history of communication with Pracharbazaar Backlinks, history of payments, IP address, system information, your activities on the Website.

Gathering of information. When you access or use the Service, complete surveys, send and receive communications, conduct search searches, or engage in marketing activities, Pracharbazaar Backlinks may automatically collect some types of information to make it easier for you to utilise the Service. Pracharbazaar Backlinks may use automated techniques and data files like cookies and web beacons to gather this information. These automatic programmes and files could be located on your computer or device, on our servers, or both. Your access to and usage of the Service may be restricted or even impossible if you prohibit our use of automated tools and files.

In addition, and solely with your consent, we may obtain information from third-party service providers.

Use of Information

Unidentified Personal Information. We use the non-personally identifying information we collect through technical methods (such as the automatic recording made by our servers or through the use of cookies) for the aforementioned reasons as well as to monitor and analyse how the Service is used, to improve its functionality and user-friendliness, to better cater to the needs of its users, to create and derive useful data and information about the audience, and for service technical administration.

Individually Recognizable Information We use the personally identifiable user information that we gather to deliver, maintain, protect, and enhance the current Service offerings, to develop new Services, to be able to tailor the Services to one’s particular needs if practicable, for the convenience of users and communication with them, and as may be required by law.


Divulgation to Outside Parties Except as stated here, Pracharbazaar Backlinks does not disclose your personal information to the public or to third parties. We may disclose your personal information to our third-party service providers who conduct services that complement our Services, such as SMTP infrastructure providers, analytical services, payment processors, merchants, or resellers. In order to carry out their duties, these service providers may need access to personal data. We never divulge any of your personal information.

Research. For research and informative reasons as well as to assist us in making sales, marketing, and business decisions, we may utilise and divulge to third parties information that we collect in aggregated, non-personally identifiable form.

Webinars and events. The names, email addresses, and other information of users who sign up for certain of our webinars and events, both online and offline, may be shared by Pracharbazaar Backlinks with the relevant webinar presenters, announced special guests, our partners at the events, and others. We carefully choose these individuals and demand that they only use this information in connection with the event (including webinars). However, if you adamantly do not want your name, email address, or other details disclosed, please contact us before registering for any Pracharbazaar Backlinks event to ensure that your personal information won’t be shared at the particular event that you are considering. We will try to label such events (including webinars) on the registration forms therefor. At a gathering where personal information is exchanged, you cannot choose not to have it shared. Your only option is to not sign up for an event that shares information in this way.

Special Situations. Your personally identifiable information will not be disclosed by Pracharbazaar Backlinks unless as provided in this Section 3 and in subsections (a) through (d) below:

when asked to by law enforcement authorities;

when required by law to do so;

for the aim of recovering unpaid liabilities or debts; and